Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Watertribe Everglades Challenge

The Watertribe Everglades Challenge starts Saturday, March 3 @ 0700.

This year there will be 8 AI/TI boats in the three races, UM, EC and UF. Pelican will be doing the Ultimate Florida Race in a AI. The UF is a race around the entire state of Florida that lasts ~ a month and includes pulling the boat ~40miles down a road.

You can follow all the Challengers on the Watertribe Mapper:

The mapper can be slow to load with lot of a traffic during the race. My personal SPOT page is:

Do not expect me to be the front runner. After putting my self into a Hospital last year I have set my sites much lower. I am aiming to finish and enjoy the ride.

I will post some pictures during the race to this BLOGGER site as long as I have cell phone coverage.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

GVI Sunfish Race

Where is the mark?

Heading downwind

Race two

A little variety

Finish ahead

Heading downwind

Through the waterproof case

Enjoying the day.

Company on the course

Glenn in his kayak.



Setting up.

There is very little wind this morning.

Only practice before that EC

This morning I am at Grandview Island for the sunfish race. I am testing out the I phone blog.