Sunday, March 25, 2012

Virgin Sail with SEABOWZ

 Seabowz, a new Hobie AI owner took his brand new AI for her maiden voyage this weekend. I accompanied him to document  and help him settle into his new boat. It is good to have another Island Sailor in the area. He is already talking about Watertribe. Looks like a double hit...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Watertribe Everglades Challenge Damage List

1) Garmin Colorado GPS: Thumb Wheel circuit board shorted out. Unusable;
2) Garmin GPSMam 78 SC: Water got into the Battery Compartment, Dead;
3) Sanyo VPC-CA9 Video Camera: Lost in Chokoloskee Mud;
4) Mirage Drive: Bent Rods & V2 Drums worn on shaft causing Pedal wobble;
5) Sail Tell Tails: deformed into spirals from the high winds;
6) Main Hull: White plug in front of Mirage well torn off. What is the purpose of the Plug??? Bottom Oyster scratches;

7) Left Click and Go Assembly spring broke: This was a pain because drive kept on popping and jamming;
8) Mirage Cassette Plug: Lost at sea when broken Click & Go launched it over the side;

Monday, March 12, 2012

Camera LOST at Chokoloskii, NEED HELP

During this years EC on February 6th I arrived at the Check Point at Chokoloskii , Florida. across from the Outdoor Resorts boat docks. It was extreme low tide and I was deep in the mud.

Leaving the check point I had to drag my boat through the mud. At one point I removed my life jacket because I was getting overheated. My video camera with all the great shots was in my jacket pocket not snapped in. I believe at this point the camera slipped out of the jacket and fell through the open Mirage well. The boat would have been pulled over it.

The data on this Camera is valuable to me. It has many great shots of my EC trip.

I am offering a $100 reward for the Camera Data.

You can keep the camera. The camera was a Green SANYO waterproof Camera. It can stay down at this depth for a while.

1: LAT: 25.81866
   LON: 81.36023

2: LAT: 25.81833 ~Jacket Removed
   LON: 81.36093

3: LAT: 25.81561
   LON: 81.36343

Monday, March 5, 2012

Finally back underway

I got my new GPS and I finally left Sanibel Bridge about 5 PM. It is still well over 60 miles to check point two. The nice wind had died down. I'm only doing 3 to 4 kn.

Getting windy and cold again.

I just spent the last few hours navigating a winding channel through oyster reefs. Ran aground only once. I am taking a break. Found a nice sheltered place behind a small island.



Morning in the mangrove

Last night it was cold and extremely windy. Oysters messed my rudder lines up. I will need to repair that first. Then down to civilization to get a new GPS.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

On Anna Maria island

The longest crossing of Tampa Bay. I'm Gonna try to outside route.