Monday, March 12, 2012

Camera LOST at Chokoloskii, NEED HELP

During this years EC on February 6th I arrived at the Check Point at Chokoloskii , Florida. across from the Outdoor Resorts boat docks. It was extreme low tide and I was deep in the mud.

Leaving the check point I had to drag my boat through the mud. At one point I removed my life jacket because I was getting overheated. My video camera with all the great shots was in my jacket pocket not snapped in. I believe at this point the camera slipped out of the jacket and fell through the open Mirage well. The boat would have been pulled over it.

The data on this Camera is valuable to me. It has many great shots of my EC trip.

I am offering a $100 reward for the Camera Data.

You can keep the camera. The camera was a Green SANYO waterproof Camera. It can stay down at this depth for a while.

1: LAT: 25.81866
   LON: 81.36023

2: LAT: 25.81833 ~Jacket Removed
   LON: 81.36093

3: LAT: 25.81561
   LON: 81.36343

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  1. Now I know why there was no part 2 to the 2012 EC video listings on youtube. I had been wondering what had happened.