Saturday, February 23, 2013

One week to Watertribe Everglades Challenge

In one week at 0700 Eastern Time 107 small boats will launch on a 300 mile race. There are enough Hobie Islands to have our own Island Class. You can follow all the tracks of the racers on the Hobie Watertribe Mapper site.

Event: EC2013
Class: There are several Hobie Classes. Standard Hobie OR Hobie IM (Modified - Jib)
Challenger: Note - Penguinman is Hobie's own Engineer;
Display Detail: "Show Track and All Waypoint" will show detail and speed. Must be a single Challenger;

MOST IMPORTANT: Push "Regenerate View" to redraw the map...

I will be on the starting line flying my DogsLife flag.

I am thinking about starting a Watertribe "Island Club". I will be on the right side of the starting line. The drop-off is a little better there. If we can get the Hobie's together in the same area then we can take a nice picture...

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